It kills me to see someone start their business with all the hope, they work hard and then there is somehow no money and they are miserable. 

These are the people I want to help.

We start with three basic beliefs.

Belief One: Business owners who have the right infomation make better decisions.

So many of the business owners that come to us don’t have a clue about the financial health of their company.  You can’t make decisions on what you don’t know.  By getting systems in place, by being able to collect that data, you can then look at trends and see problems before they are problems. What investment in your business can you afford?  Who do you need to hire?  You need to know what’s up

Belief Two: You need to trust who your entrust your business to. 

In order to delegate, you need to trust the job will be done on time and correctly.  You need to know that your info will be kept confidential.  You need to know that the people you rely on won’t just disappear.

Belief Three: Systems are not just nice to have, they are fundamental. 

Do you think systems are unnecessary? Too much trouble? Au contraire - systems will save you time and money.  You don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time.  You don’t need to train people over and over.  You hired good people right?  Have them set up with systems so they can take care of things for you.  When you are not there.  Like say when you are on vacation, on an island, with no wi-fi.

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Kelly Reynolds - Owner

Certified Director of Operations

Certified Online Business Manager

After business school and a decade spent on Wall Street, Kelly thought there had to be more to life than a terrible commute.  She started out as a virtual assistant and has quickly grown the company into the Reynolds OBM Agency.  She and her team now help small businesses grow by getting organized and efficient, no commute required.

She lives in New Jersey (the good part with the beaches) with her husband, son and adorable dog Opie.  She loves pretty spreadsheets and people who bring red wine, especially to business meetings and play dates.

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We work with serious people who have had success in their business but want to grow. Grow beyond what they can or want to do on their own.