Get Your Act Together - Strategy Sessions

Strategy sessions to create a custom 90 day strategic plan for your business. 

Are you overwhelmed with no idea what to do next?

Is it hard to connect your daily tasks to the big goals you have set so you can reach them?

When you are running a business it can seem like you have to do all the things and right now.  It is so easy to get overwhelmed and not even know where to start. 

What if you had an operations expert to help you figure it all out?

How this works:

On Zoom Call #1:

  • review Mission, Vision & Values for your business to get a clear picture of who you are and where you want to go. (I will send you a workbook prior to the call to help get your ideas together)
  • rank the 7 Strategic Objectives to find out what is most important now.
  • choose the top 3 Objectives you would like to focus on for the next quarter.
  • create a list of the projects needed to move forward with your goals

On Zoom Call #2: 

  • take the chosen projects and turn ideas into an actual plan.
  • break those projects out by month across the quarter so you know what to work on and when
  • create a KPI / metric based on the objectives to show your progress.

Your Custom Plan

While on the call, we will break out the plan on a Trello board so we can see how all the pieces fit together. You can then use this plan yourself, with your team or have Reynolds OBM help you! It also can be easily transferred into most project management tools to keep you on track.

Both calls will be recorded and sent so you have them to review at any time.

Total Investment $1750

Kelly Reynolds Expert Coach Strategic Mapping (1)

Are you ready to have a plan?

I use the Strategic Mapping Model™, which is a trademarked process I am licensed to use as a Certified DOO.  I have also been asked to be the first Strategic Mapping Model™ Expert Coach for the Director of Ops Certification for the year 2021.


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Chantell Voss