Get Your Act Together

A VIP intensive to get your operations act together.

How would it feel to get out of the day to day managing of your business?

So many business owners are overwhelmed by the every day running of their businesses.

They get bogged down in all the things and it stops them from growing and scaling.

It feels impossible to delegate because there is never time to get the knowledge out of their heads and train a team.

So they continue worrying about the details day after day when they know they should be focusing on the bigger picture.

What if instead you had an operations headquarters that:

  • was the center for all knowledge that was easily accessible to the team so training becomes a snap
  • puts an end to searching for the link, the SOP, the sheet and makes finding everything super easy
  • saves so much time when you can stop answering a million questions and personally training each person.

I created Get Your Act Together especially for business owners who need help now!  This is a VIP intensive to make progess quickly.

How This Works:

We start with a Business Systems Audit

You & I get on a 90 min systems audit Zoom call to breakdown what is currently going on in your business and what we can do to help 

    • What systems are you using
    • What systems are you missing, or need to streamline
    • What roles are there and who is doing them.

The ROA team gets to work while you rest 

We get to work on building out: 

    • your Get Your Act Together Dashboard - a central hub for all the things, so you can find all the things.  This will be the new home of your processes, links, templates, SOPs, headshots, invoices ... you get the picture. 
    • a Master URL sheet - so you can find all of your links when you need them - FB, website, affiliates, scheduler
    • a Team Info Sheet - so you can find all of your team members with contact info, how they get paid, birthdays
    • an SOP template - so all the SOPs are the same and easy to understand
    • a List of SOPs for your team to create loaded into your Dashboard taken from our systems audit - so your admin/VA knows what to create so you are fully documented and can get help fast.
    • 10-15 SOPs created from your videos (don't worry, we'll show you how) - to get you started and on your way to having your business documented and easy to delegate

Slack Access for questions:

You have access to the team for 30 days to answer any questions you have.


Total Investment: $2497

Mockup Systems VIP 5.23.22

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