IG Podcast Ep 102

Episode # 102 - You Can't Scale a Broken Business

The other day someone told me, “You can’t scale a broken business, you need to fix it first.”  It was one of those moments when something sounds so profound and so obvious at the same time. Like I already knew this but I was hearing it for the first time. This idea is one of those things that gets skipped A LOT but when you actually think about it, it’s so important.  So today I wanted to talk about that, about not scaling a broken business.

In order to scale a business well, it needs to be running well or it all falls apart.  It’s like an old car; at slow speeds for stops around town it’s ok if the brakes aren’t great and everything is being held together with rust.  But when you hit the interstate you need all the parts to work. 


Now, when you ask most entrepreneurs what their business needs, you will almost always get “more leads” or some version of that as the answer.  So much focus is put on getting people in the door and selling and everything else is less important. Until of course everything breaks.

I’m a self professed “ops-nerd'' so I may seem biased, but hear me out. What if what you need isn’t just more business?

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