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Episode # 109 - Prove It Works By Breaking It

What do you think will happen in 2023?


I think I’m getting flowers.  “Why?” you ask. Because I’m planting flowers.  You all know my love of good systems for everything from my clients to my garden.  Today I’ve got for you today is a story about what happens when a client breaks all of those systems.


We don’t wake up everyday amazed that water comes out of the pipes and the trains come on time. Maybe we should. There’s a lot of work that goes into systems when everyone needs them to work.  So what happens when the hub for all those systems gets improperly migrated? What happens when all the company’s documents, all the access permissions, all the SOPs, (each interconnected to the others with up-to-date links and passwords in a reliable filing system) what happens when they all get scrambled like an overturned scrabble board?

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