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Episode # 111 - Laura Sinclair

Laura Sinclair started her career in corporate social media at a time when corporations left “that social stuff” to interns. It didn’t take forever for her to get good and to realize that she could go out on her own.  In 2014 she left corporate and bought a failing business which she swiftly turned around so dramatically that it was generating more money each month than she paid for it.

Post-covid, Laura shows other business owners how to market themselves and get on the same upward trajectory.

We talk about dumb ways to waste $10,000, working while scared, keeping yourself in the right mindset, how a lot of marketers make things more complicated than they need to be, and a great deal more.

Featured on this show:


01:02 - Luxury auto to gym owner to marketer.

06:26 - $10,000 down the drain

09:42 - Marketing from Desire not Pain

15:16 - Confidence and fear

23:10 - Jazzed for January

25:00 - Marketers make marketing complicated

31:15 - Sales > # of Followers

40:10 - Yuckiness in sales


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