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Episode # 113 - Debra Joy

Debra Joy is on her fourth business.  One was sold, another went public, and one went nowhere.  For the last 15 years she’s been a coach to entrepreneurs, executives, and creatives so they can achieve success with less stress.

We talk about the effects high stress can (and does) have on our bodies, the power and hazard of goal setting, and how leaders can unconsciously create traumatizing environments at work.  Debra talks about helping clients achieve big things.  She also talks about using the journey to become the kind of person you want your goals to make you. 



00:23- Somatic experiencing practitioner?

03:06- ...but all I wanted was to fix the world.

09:07- choosing when to overdue it

10:57- the goal VS. why they want the goal

14:49- A somatic practice as a perspective in coaching

18:06- Work as a traumatizing environment

23:30- habits

27:19- Kelly gets coached.


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