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Episode # 114 - Christina Lenkowski, Getting on Podcasts

Christina Lenkowski is a veteran public relations expert. She’s worked for big companies like Cirque du Sole and Dark Horse Comics but what she’s discovered is that podcasts are the most effective form of publicity.

Now she helps her clients go from “Best Kept Secret” to “Go-to Expert” by raising their voice on other people's platforms.   There’s a lot here as Christina shares how she gets her clients on 24 shows a year, how you can make it easy for show hosts to book you, and ways you can use the content you generate from appearances.



02:02- What working remotely tells you about yourself.

04:56- The value of being a podcast guest

12:14- Share that content over and over

19:11- Anderson Cooper is not coming for you.

20:11- Pitching to podcasts

24:38- The first paragraph of a pitch to a podcast

29:15- Missteps when you pitch a show

32:23- You have to be visible to grow

36:36- It takes time to get on shows

43:16- Repurposing your interview as evergreen content

Featured on this show: 

Website: https://www.publicityxchristina.com/

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FB: https://www.facebook.com/publicityxchristina

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