IG Post Podcast Ep 115

Episode # 115 - Brandon Cockrell, Digital Sales and Your Small Business

Brandon Cockrell was a salesman knocking on doors in 100-degree heat in Georgia in a suit.  That taught him that digital sales is pretty great. Today his team builds digital sales systems for companies that need people to sign-up, opt-in, book-now, or buy today.  His wholehearted adoption of technology as a way to drive revenue has given him a lot to say and I talk to him about the “When?”, “How?”, and “How much?”



02:37- Help an “Ops-Gal” get started with her sales funnel.

09:37- Proving out the hard stuff in your sales process

14:03- What ROI should you expect when you market?

24:20- TikTok

30:21- How many touchpoints for a conversion to a sale?

34:04- The value and trouble with organic reach

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