EP 118 - IG Post Podcast

Episode # 118 - Stephanie Janice on Running a Podcast Agency

Many small businesses start their own channels through podcasting to get exposure, build brand, and show expertise all at the same time. What they don’t know going into it is just how much work it’s going to be to run your own production company.

Stephanie Judice knows.  She and her nine-person team produce podcasts for upwards of twenty clients every week. They’ve edited, post-produced, and distributed thousands of episodes content for their clients and today she joins me as a guest to talk about the challenges and successes along the way.

We talk about getting out of the day-to-day of the business, hiring for efficiency vs. hiring for redundancy, what you’re responsible for as the owner, and building and rebuilding of roles for people you want to keep.  This is a great conversation, listen in!


09:40- Perfectionist vs. Leader

13:00- I started asking my team what to fix

17:50- The upside of losing a good person

22:10- The pride of employing people

25:56- Building a team for flexibility

33:45- It’s probably your fault

35:30- 20 Clients, 10 team members, 2 kids

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Website: www.stephaniejudice.com

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IG: www.instagram.com/stephaniejudice


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