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Episode # 121 - Jen Szpigiel says, "Eat the eggs, drink the bubbles."

Jen has a lot going on. Like many entrepreneurs, this daughter of teachers was driven to business ownership by life events.  In a twist of fate it was the forced choice to run her own company that convinced Jen she doesn’t have to make choices like that ever again.


Yes you can have it all.  Jen publishes the Becoming Iconic magazine, coaches business owners, and runs an agency which provides branding, marketing, and operations support to the female entrepreneur who refuses to compromise.


 Jen and I explore a bunch of different corners of business ownership including just how underrated the difficulties are, the mental game of entrepreneurship, how being able to repeat things is what success looks like, solopreneurship vs. CEO, and a great deal more.



00:47- Jen’s on a mission.

03:29- Why the company is called “Becoming Iconic”

09:49- Things go wrong.

13:00- When you have it all and still want more.

16:48- Innovation is at the core of entrepreneurship.

22:04- Why “solopreneurship” is overrated

27:22- The best piece of advice for entrepreneurs

30:11- You can’t enjoy things when you’re dead.

33:40- “Obsessive Gratitude”

39:15- How to enjoy life more than your husband’s next wife.

46:40- Listen to a dog bark

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