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Episode # 122 - REBROADCAST! Jenni Davis on Profit First!

Let’s talk about money!

How much money should your business have put in reserve?  How much in profit?  How much money should you save in taxes?  Should these bundles of cash be stored in one place or many… and where? Lots of businesses out there struggle to make the right moves with their cash.  Many even struggle with the idea that there ARE right moves to make.

Yet clearly there are better and worse ways to manage your company’s cash.  One of the better ways is to follow the “Profit First” model which this weeks’ guest Jenni Davis is an expert in.  Jenni’s company helps scores of small (and not so small) businesses to deploy the “Profit First” methodology in their finances.

Instead of assuming that what the business owner gets is what’s left over when the bills are paid, “Profit First” places the owner at the center of the business’s transactions.  It says that the owner should be the FIRST person paid, not the last; and here at Reynolds OBM we agree.

This week while so many of you are thinking about tax day we thought it would be the perfect day to rebroadcast this gem.  Originally episode 85, it returns now as the team here takes spring break.  Enjoy!

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