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Episode # 123 - Kristina Pierce on What to Do Before You Pay For Ads

Ads!  The average American sees between 4000 and 10,000 every day.  Most of them are junk.  Some of them work.  Marketing isn’t black magic, it’s a process you can be better or worse executing.  Today I talk to Kristina  Pierce who, for 25 years has been crafting, buying, and monitoring ads across a wide variety of media.  From her HQ in upstate New York, Kristina now runs Pierce Media, an ad agency specializing in social media ads for service based businesses.

Kristina knows a tremendous amount about advertising and happily shares with me details about strategy, the math of advertising, and deep geek stuff about the platforms.  Don’t just listen to this, bring a pencil.


02:03- The conversation that happens before you buy ads.

07:20- People make decisions in a certain way.

12:42- Get yourself some specialists.

22:29- Testing Your offer

34:45- Vanity metrics

40:20- Pinterest, Bing & other useful forgotten platforms

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