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Episode # 126 - Nathan Hirsch, Founder of AccountsBalance.com

Nathan Hirsch runs a bunch of companies. In college he bought and sold textbooks until the school hit him with a cease and desist order.  Then he became a drop-shipper and sold millions of dollars of baby products. Later he and a partner would sell their company and walk away with life-changing money. So is he relaxing? Nope. Today he has a company that teaches small business owners how to hire, train, and use VAs and freelancers and another pair of companies that provide bookkeeping services to digital businesses.  Nathan talks about how quickly he’s been able to get out of the day-to-day in his companies, how good SOPs and solid books set him up for a stunningly fast sale, and why he isn’t just sailing around the world in a yacht these days.


02:53- When you have to pivot your entire business

07:37- The decision to sell the company

15:52- From Hiring VAs to teaching how to hire them

18:11- Walking away

24:10- What entrepreneurs need to focus on

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