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Episode # 129 - The Impossible List

It’s hard to pick between more than one priority when you believe in each of them.  In a perfect world you can delegate things.  Bring in more people and accomplish more than you can do alone.  Unfortunately there are things that you just can’t delegate.  Some things are yours and yours alone.  This podcast is one of those things for me.  I get plenty of help with the editing and the promotion but I’m the one on camera.  As summer approaches and I look at all the things on my plate I have to make some hard choices.  Listen to this episode to hear how I look at this pod and the amount of my time it consumes.



03:04- Scheduling 27 hours in a 24 hour world

06:25- The work you can’t delegate

12:41- Podcasting is hard

20:08- How I’m using a side project to test my skills

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