IG Podcast Ep 67

Episode # 67 - How I’m Planning the Next 6 Months

This time of year I anxiously await the arrival of my new huge desk calendar.  Nerdy, I know, but hear me out.  That calendar is the start of my end-of-year work and next year’s planning.  There’s a good chance that in the rush between Halloween and New Year’s Day you’re going to let slip some of the tasks we all know we should do.  Reviewing what offerings you’ve had that worked and those that didn’t.  Checking in with the accountant on how much money you need to get off the book and deciding where to put it.  Looking out to vacations and professional trips next year.  I stay in control of all the things with that calendar and this episode is the one where I walk you through all the things that are going through my head when I unbox it and take out all of the colored pens.

Quotes from today's show:

  • “I love to lay  things out on big pieces of paper… I spent all day looking out the window for the staples truck to deliver my desk calendar.”
  • "I don’t take calls on Mondays or Fridays.  I recommend you don’t either.”
  • “It’s been really useful to build intentional white space on my calendar.”
  • “It’s a great time to check in on your offerings and review what’s profitable and what needs to be improved or cut out.”
  • “Plan for next year now.  What happens if a course or resource you want to use next year is only available at certain times? You need to have your resources in place.”
  • “Intentional actions require a calendars or they turn into cramming sessions.”

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