IG Podcast Ep 68

Episode # 68 - 4 Months of Uncomfortable

In the beginning of September, I made a decision.  I realized that I was avoiding making decisions and doing big things in my business because I was scared and didn’t want to be uncomfortable.  So I decided to be intentionally uncomfortable for the rest of the year to see how that would change things. I am two months into this experiment with an update on my progress and hopefully inspiration for you to get uncomfortable too.

Here are the things we cover:

Quotes from today's show:

  • "I decided to just be uncomfortable.  I decided to make decisions despite the fact that I was uncomfortable with them."
  • "A lot of us build businesses that we don’t end up liking because we were listening to other people about what the business should be."
  • "I realized I was putting off things that were scary and retreating into work I was comfortable with.  I didn’t actually want to be doing that work."
  • "Everybody tells you to get out of your comfort zone but they don’t tell you just how bad it feels to be uncomfortable."
  • "You have to remember that new things are things that you don't have to be married to forever."
  • "If I hadn’t made a commitment to be uncomfortable this process would have taken an extra year.  I would have kept looking for more information and validation."

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