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Episode #69 - Roadblocks to Building an Agency

After 5 1/2 years as an agency owner and a year plus as an agency coach, I have gotten the same questions over and over about building an agency. As I asked what the roadblocks to building an agency were for all of you, the same ones come up again and again. Today we are talking about what those roadblocks are and how asking these questions inspired me to develop my new group coaching program, Get Your Agency Together - starting Jan 2022.  Sign up for the waitlist at www.reynoldsobm.com/getyouacttogether

Welcome to the Get your act together podcast. I'm your host, Kelly Reynolds, op strategist and agency coach at the Reynolds OBM agency. This podcast is all about building well-run and profitable businesses, so that we can create lives, and dreams.

Hello, everyone, and welcome to episode 69. After five and a half years, a little more than that, as an agency owner, and I think about a year plus, as an agency coach, I have gotten the same questions over and over again, about building an agency.

The same roadblocks come up again and again. And so far, the way I've been coaching has been one of two ways. One, it was in another program, the Director of Operations certification, where the agency was a part of the business model, but it wasn't the whole course. And it was someone else's course. So I was just coming in as one coach, of many, frankly. And then the other way I've been coaching is one on one. One-on-one coaching is really like coaching you through things as you go. But it's not a structured program or course. And I was finding that a lot of you guys really needed more structure and training. You needed to know like, where to start, and how to get those foundations set up so that it was a well-run business, instead of just this mess of trial and error. Right. And then the last few months, I've been really drilling down on the roadblocks you have on building an agency, I have been asking questions, a lot of questions, actually, because I know the roadblocks I had. But that doesn't mean that's what everyone has. And there's you know, you think you know what's going on. And then you ask a lot of people questions, and then they have sometimes the same roadblocks as you. But sometimes they're completely different. And I hadn't thought of that. Because it's not the way my brain works, their brain works a little differently. So I've been really fascinated to find out all the roadblocks and the questions people have around agencies and growing an agency because like I said before when I started this Facebook group, I thought there'd be 10 people, tops, who would want to talk about agency. And like a minute later, there were 50 in there. And now we've grown beyond that.


trying to understand where, where it gets hard, and what you have issues with. So as I've mentioned before, I'm putting together a new program. And I really wanted to make sure that I covered all the things, all the things that were practical in any way that I could help you get a really good agency set up and growing. I'm thrilled to announce that the program is ready. It's a five-month long program starting in January 2022. The program is called Get Your Agency Together. And it's built for people like you who have been listening to this podcast and showing up in the Facebook group, and sending me questions about how to get your agency off to a strong start. Get Your Agency Together is here to give you accountability to me, to one another, and most of all to yourself. We're going to do that with group coaching and weekly calls together and training directly with me to deal with the biggest roadblocks I see you all running into. And I think that that last part is the part I'm most excited about. Right like the part where I get to share with you all of my experiences building Reynolds OBM into a successful six-figure agency because that's the part you asked me about the most. So right now the waitlist is open. You can go to Reynolds obm.com/getyouragencytogether, and there you will find information. There is the Facebook group as well, the link to that, but there is the waitlist there. The waitlist is where you are going to find out first what's going on. It's also where the bonuses go. So anyone on the waitlist will get notices of really pretty killer bonuses. This is my beta round for this. I'm building this currently. And I'm still asking all those questions of how we can make it better. Always right. I want it to be the best program it can be.

This is going to be a small group for the speed around. I don't want it to be a lot of people. I want it to be really specific in what we're trying to solve. I want you to come away with a great agency and really be set up well and not be stressed out and working 15 hours a day. That's not helpful, right? So join the waitlist and you will be first to know when the cart opens, what's going on, and get those bonuses. Okay,


How did I come up with a structure for this program? How do you come up with the structure for group program, you may ask? And that is a funny thing because I don't want to just do it to do it. But when the same roadblocks came up, over and over again, I really saw a need for something that I can help with my experience would be helpful to people trying to figure this out, because these are the common roadblocks I see, to getting started or growing your agency. The first one, hands down, the thing I hear the most, is you don't even know where to get started, like, Where do I even start growing this? Do I hire people? Do I set things up first? Like, where do I start? The biggest thing I see. The second thing is what to offer as an agency. Because that seems silly, like, oh, I offer services. The offer is like, do I have to offer different things? If I'm in an agency? Can I offer the same things I'm doing now, but just hire people to help me? People ask me a lot. Like, is the offer different? And the answer is both. It is and it isn't. The third thing I hear is the systems. What systems do I need? I hear people talking badly about agencies, I told you this before, they hate the idea of an agency. It's so much work. It's too much to manage all of that. That is all based on systems. The systems are what is going to keep you sane. Having to go and have a meeting every morning with a whole bunch of people and follow up with every single person and what are they doing and what's going on, will drive you mad. But having systems in place to be able to manage this without being in the office chained to the desk all the time, that's what the systems are going to do for you. The fourth thing I hear, and this is a big one, is fear of delegating. Because people are going to touch your stuff. And they're not going to do it the same way I'm going to do it. You've been doing this work, and now you don't want anyone to mess it up. And that's hard. That's a big mindset shift. How do you let other people do the work? What if they mess up? It's terrifying, right? Like, these are your clients, you want them to be happy. It becomes a big thing. And we don't want to delegate, we get scared to delegate and then we don't give it away. And then we work 15-hour days, and then weekends. And we don't remember what our children look like. The fifth thing, knowing what to hire for, what role do I need? Do I need a VA? Do I need an OBM? Do I need a DOO? Do I need a tech VA? Do I need this? Do I need? What do I need to hire for I know that I can't do all the work, and I'm real tired. But I don't know what to hire for next. That's a big one. And then the last one is how you're going to deal with your clients as an agency versus, you know, just you and how you're not going to be the bottleneck. Like how is the customer part of it? Do they want an agency? Right? We talked about that, I think last week or the week before.  What if they really want to work with me? How to handle that, like, what do you do? And then how do you deal with a client's request? They want you to do something. Do they email me? Do they email my team? Where is the thing going? Where are the requests going? Where's all the stuff? All of that becomes unwieldy. So I took these roadblocks that we've been talking about those six things that I really found came up over and over again. And I added in some things that I think are really important that people usually skip over. But I think will make everything else work together better. And that is what this program was about. That's the problem I want to solve. I want to use my experience as both an agency owner and a coach to help you guys. It is about figuring out the agency you want to create, not the one I have because maybe you don't need the one I have. But I want you to create the agency you want that works for your life, and then create a solid plan so we can get that going. I love a good plan. You should see that the map-out notebooks have right now. I love being able to look at that plan and remember exactly where we're going and what's happening. I love a good plan. So if you have been wanting to grow an agency, but don't know where to start, or you have started, but you really wished you had some of those foundations I mentioned, come join the waitlist at Reynoldobm.com/getyouragencytogether. Right there you're gonna see "click here" for the waitlist to join the waitlist. Click there. You'll get on the waitlist. You are going to be the first one to find out all the good stuff when everything's happening. And like I said those are really good bonuses because it's a beta round right? And everyone knows on a good beta round you get a whole bunch of stuff.

I want to make sure everything is working and you get everything you need. And if you are not in the Facebook group, come join the Facebook group. It's the Get Your Agency Together Facebook group, and that's my free Facebook group where we just chat agency. I go live in there all the time, and share a lot of stuff in there. So come visit us there as well. And I will see you guys next week.

Thank you so much for joining me this week. If you have an agency or want to create one, come join my Facebook community, Get Your Agency Together, where we talk all the things growing and scaling your agency. For show notes and more info on all the things head over to Reynolds obm.com Follow me on Instagram and Facebook at Reynolds OBM. And finally, if you enjoy this podcast, I would love for you to give us a review on iTunes.

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