IG Podcast Ep 71

Episode # 71 - BEST OF GYAT! Episode 29: Teaching Your Systems

As we bring the year to a close here at ReynoldsOBM we’re swamped with projects both professional and personal. So this week we’re replaying one of the most downloaded episodes from our archives… Episode 29: HOW TO TEACH YOUR SYSTEMS.

Stay tuned to the end for a look at some of the exciting things I’ve built for 2022 including details on a group coaching program I’ve built especially for people like you.


How do you teach someone else to do the thing only you know how to do? How do you get the knowledge out of your head and out to someone else so they can help you?

Let’s start with all the roadblocks we throw up:

  • No one will do it as well as I do (yes buttercup, they can)
  • It will be faster if I do it myself (this once maybe, but not not forever)
  • What if they mess up? (they will, you will, we all will mess up at some point, deal)
  • How do I train someone else without it taking over my life (let me show you)

We have spoken about figureitoutness before, where you let that smart person you hired figure something out. And that’s great. But sometimes there is a process that is long and complicated and instructions would be great. No one wants someone to guess at how to run payroll.