IG Podcast Ep 72

Episode # 72 - BEST OF GYAT! Ep 3: Focusing During Chaos

As we bring the year to a close here at Reynolds OBM we’re swamped with projects both professional and personal.  So this week we’re replaying one of the most downloaded episodes from our archives… Episode 3: Focusing During Chaos.  

This was recorded in April 2020 when the whole world was going to hell the first time around with the pandemic.  With Omicron causing chaos and uncertainty, I thought this was the perfect thing to revisit. 

Stay tuned to the end for a look at some of the exciting things I’ve built for 2022 including details on a group coaching program I’ve built especially for people like you.

I’ve been working at home for a long time now.  I thought I’d share some insight on what has worked to help everyone who is new to this thing.  Especially when there’s lots to stress you out… like if a new pandemic variant hits over the christmas holiday.  This episode gets back to the basic disciplines you need to stay on top of. 

BTW, here’s your reminder to shower for those video calls.  Yes, we can tell when you don't.

Topics Covered:

  • Mindset- How working non-stop can drive you crazy & the importance of boundaries
  • Dedicated workspace...to be or not to be?
  • Being human and giving yourself a break.
  • And much more.

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