IG Podcast Ep 73

Episode #73 - BEST OF GYAT! Ep 18: My Client Onboarding Process

This week we’re replaying one of the most downloaded episodes from our archives… Episode 18: My Client Onboarding Process.

This was recorded in late summer of 2020 but I still use this process today.  The beginning of anything is an important time to get things right.  So in the spirit of starting 2022 off on the right foot this episode lays out how I start off work with a new client.

Stay tuned to the end for news about some of the exciting things I’ve built for 2022 including details on a group coaching program I’ve built especially for people like you.


To create a process that ensures a smooth transition from prospect to client is no easy feat.  In today’s episode of the podcast, I share my very own client onboarding process.  I discuss the basics of what a client onboarding process is, as well as the tools I use to make it happen so that my clients get to experience a seamless onboarding experience.


Topics Covered:

  • The basics of my client onboarding process
  • Key tools/software to make the process easier
  • How a great onboarding experience sets the tone for a great client experience overall

Featured on this show: 


Get Your Agency Together Group Coaching Program

Lastpass - how we safely share passwords

Acuity  - how I schedule calls without the back and forth, right from my website

HelloSign  - legally binding electronic signatures

Quickbooks  - my bookkeeping software that I use to send invoices and get paid

Teamwork  - project mgmt software to keep everything organized

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