IG Podcast Ep 78

Episode #78 - Do The Hard Things

You need to do the hard things. Running a business is really hard on the average day but there are always things that you hate to do more than all the rest; things that you’d put off and avoid if you could. Just like breaking up with a perfectly nice person when you’ve realized that it’s not the relationship that you want. You may hurt them but you’ve got to do it. Those are the kinds of decisions you need to embrace making for the sake of your business.

I don’t tend to like the way I look on camera but video is such a powerful part of my marketing and my group program that I’ve had to make my peace with that. There are all kinds of uncomfortable things like that which you have to face running a company.


Do the hard things. Here are some of my hard things on my list:

  • Ending relationships with Clients
  • Ending relationships with your own people
  • Using and appearing in different media
  • Take opportunities to get in front of strange audiences

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