IG Podcast Ep 82(1)

Episode # 82 - The Magical "Catch-up Day"

How many times have you thought, “If I just had one day to catch up on this work I would be ok.” But let me guess that day never comes and you are always behind. I have been here, friends.  In this episode we’ll talk about why the day never arrives, how to finally get things done by using your schedule instead of a list, and why you should consider never doing anything from that list in the first place.

Why does this magical catch up day never arrive? 

  • Because we never make time for it.  
  • We don’t schedule it
  • We need help 
  • There are things on this list that don’t need to be done at all really. 


So what should your process be for looking at that list?  Ask these questions in this order:

  • “Does this need to be done?”
  • If “Yes” then “Do I need to do it?”
  • If “Yes” then schedule it.

Featured on this show: 

  • Reynolds OBM
  • More information about the Group Coaching program can be found HERE

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