IG Podcast Ep 83

Episode #83 - The Learning Phase Trap

2021 was a big year for me to try things out.  I wanted to learn things and do things and take a crack at things I hadn’t done before.  Boy, was it fun.  Now, like a test kitchen for some high end restaurant, it’s time to shutter that part of the process and apply what I’ve learned to the menu.

When you’re in an intensive learning process you must conclude it to move forward.  Students get a graduation but you never will.  You’ll always have another thing to learn.  In the academy you can go on learning forever.  You can get more degrees and more certifications but in business the day comes when we have to take all that and go make money.  We have to move forward because that was the whole point of learning something to begin with.  If you get stuck in a learning cycle you won’t ever apply what you’ve been learning.

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