IG Podcast Ep 84

Episode 84 - Why Your Business Needs to be Sustainable

We start out just working hard to get clients.  Then, there are so many things to get done for the clients that the working on our own businesses get pushed off.  At some point, if all is going “well”, our business can’t function without us there all the time so we bring a laptop on vacation.  Your business is not sustainable.  For your health, your sanity, and your family’s happiness you can’t keep going like this.

It’s not about a certain amount of money or a certain team size.  It's about making it sustainable and profitable. You need to be able to go on vacation.  You need to know that nobody on your team can take you hostage by being irreplaceable.


I’m evangelical about this.  You need to build things that don’t break.  You need to build a thing that makes money for you and that doesn’t break if you get a sniffle. I’ve seen enough good hard-working people get dragged down by working 12 hour days.


Many people rely on my business.  My family, and me team,  for the income.  My clients for the services.  So I need to make that work in case I get sick or just need a break, and so do you.

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