IG Podcast Ep 85

Episode #85 - Profit First w/Jenni Davis

Today I have something special for you!  Last week I asked my friend Jenni Davis of JMD Business Solutions to go live with me in my Facebook group to talk about Profit First which is a financial method for handling your business finances.  And since my mission is to help service providers build profitable and sustainable agencies, I thought I would share it here on the podcast as well.


We get into what #ProfitFirst is, and how the process helps small business people.  Jenni tells us a lot about how she advises and educates her clients so they can run their businesses without the financial whipsawing that can sometimes happen in a small business.

Here are the things we cover:

  • Who much money a company should have in reserve
  • How many bank accounts a small business should have & why (it’s more than you think!)
  • How her clients learn to expand their margins
  • Why so many small business owners get confused into thinking things are good when they look at their revenue

Featured on this show: 

  • Click here to learn all about Profit First Simplified, the tool Jenni talks about in the episode to make Profit First easier.  
  • You can find more about Jenni and see what she can do for you by clicking the link HERE to go to her website.
  • Get Your Agency Together is accepting a new cohort!  Find out more HERE while seats are still available.

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