IG Podcast Ep 86

Episode # 86 - Why I Created Get Your AGENCY Together

I was the one with the laptop on vacation with my family just answering one more email.  I was the one with too many clients that were always on fire which stressed me out.  I was the one that really wanted to bring on help but had no idea how to even start. 

Since I started coaching, I would see these same things come up over and over.  I would see those overwhelmed business owners try to start an agency without any idea of what to do first or next.  There would be chaos.  There would be times where the agency owner would be working so hard and couldn’t pay themselves because all the money went right back out the door. 

Here are the things we cover:

  • Why I think group programs are so special
  • What's included in Get Your Agency Together

Featured on this show: 

  • Find out more and join the program HERE.

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