IG Podcast Ep 94

Episode # 94 - Run Your Own Race

I’ve been thinking a lot about how we compare our businesses to those of other people.  Especially now and especially through social media lots of stories pop up about “six-figure” launches or “seven and eight figure” agencies.


Don’t compare yourself to these. You don’t even know what you’re comparing yourself to. You have no idea what’s happening behind those headlines.  Those launches may be losing money. Those companies may be bringing home 1% of what they bring in.


You have to run your own race.  Keep your head down.  Build the business and get the lifestyle you want. Don’t compare yourself to other people.  Especially when you have no idea what their situation really is. Everything else is just flash and marketing. The only thing that matters is if you’re making progress against your own goals.


Here are the things we cover:

  • Run your own race
  • Keep your head down
  • Build the business you want.

Welcome to the Get Your Act Together podcast. I am your host, Kelly Reynolds. And today if you're listening to this, the date comes out is also the day that we are opening enrollment to Get Your Agency Together, which is my group coaching program. Anyone who's ever launched something knows, like, it's a lot of preparation. It's a lot of marketing. It's a lot of mental mindset, messing your brain up. And part of that is looking around and comparing yourself to others. And I have been struggling with this, not that I'm getting sucked in. But I've been struggling to keep it away, like nope, nope, it's not going to happen this time. You're not going to get me this time. Because it's not worth the struggle. It's not for a lot of reasons, but mostly because it just brings you down for no reason. Because of the comparison game, it doesn't get you anywhere. Okay, so I want to remind you to run your own race, right? Don't be jealous of other people's numbers, you have no idea what those numbers mean. I mean, talk about a million dollars a year or a billion dollar launch, or whatever it is a six figure day, like all the things write those numbers, that sounds great. And it is great for marketing, right? It looks awesome. People think, oh my god, they must be really successful. They have a billion dollar day. But those numbers are not really what they seem. Those numbers are the money that just comes in. Like, that's still impressive to get that much money in the door is impressive. And maybe they know how to market. They know how to pull it in. Sure. But what I want to remind everyone is that it's not about what you bring in, it's about what you keep. You have no idea how much of that 6, 7, or 8 figure whatever gets to stay in the business, how much that person gets to keep? Because that's really the most important thing. Why? Because everybody's got bills, we all have bills, right? Our business, we have things we have to pay for, we got to pay for Gmail, we got to pay for project management software, we got to pay for all the things right? And then there's ads, and there's people are you like, launches are a lot. There's other people helping I suck at graphics. So do I get help? Sure. Like, all of those things add up. Everyone has bills. And if you are looking under the hood of these businesses, like I get to, I get to see and I get to see that kind of backside of the business, you may find that the answer to what they're keeping is how much right some people are gonna be great. Some people are gonna have that money. others not so much. You have a million dollars coming in a billion dollars, whatever it is, and you have 20 people on your payroll, you have to pay all those people, their employees, they get benefits, you have to pay taxes, all of that comes out of that money. You have to pay for ads, Facebook ads are so expensive right now for some things, you have to pay for all of these things to start adding up. You gotta pay Uncle Sam, he really likes to get paid, and he gets real mad if you don't pay him. So that's got to be in there. What if you got coaching to figure out how to do the launch or how to do the whatever, whatever the revenue coming in, you have bills, they have bills that have to go, the money goes right back out. So what do they get to keep? Okay, they may be making tons of money, they may be making nothing, they may be losing money. The number of times that I have heard people say that they spent more on ads than they brought in, and they've lost money on a launch. I'd like I wish it was an outlier. But people get really excited. It's kind of like real estate where everyone thinks it's just gonna keep going up. They spend more than they brought out in classic tail, right. So don't try to copy everyone else's business. Don't get so tied up in how much they say they brought in. run your own race. Keep your mind and your focus on your own business. Keep that plan going so that you know what you're doing. And you can stick to it. Don't worry about them. Just look forward, run your own race. And, you know, do what's best for you and your business. And I'll talk to you next week. 


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