11 IG Post Podcast Ep 112

Episode #112 - Ana Natkins

Ana Natkins had a career in the corporate world.  There she developed and strengthened her natural ability to look at complicated workflows and break them down into small, digestible pieces.  Today she runs Anna's Simple Solutions, where she and her team use those skills to help overwhelmed, neurodivergent business owners simplify their processes and increase productivity through the use of technology.

In this conversation I talk with her about the tools she uses, her love for Clickup and Airtable, and some basic things to remember about the neurodivergent and how they sometimes work.


01:23- Neurodivergence in the workforce.

06:24- Mom + Entrepreneur = Guilt

12:45- Setting up your company so that your people can thrive.

15:25- Two Ops nerds geek-out on Airtable

25:00- Ana’s networking database is on steroids

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