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Episode # 1 - Let's Not Panic

So with this whole apocalypse thing happening, everyone is freaking out.  Especially small business owners. Except I think this is the exact time to remain calm, focused and make good decisions. So join me on this journey to fight panic and rock this business gig.

In this introductory episode of the Sink Handle Podcast, host Kelly Reynolds discusses her journey from Wall Street to entrepreneurship and her vision for the Sink Handle Podcast.  

Topics Covered:

  • Kelly Reynolds & her professional journey
  • Reynolds OBM Agency
  • Why the Sink Handle Podcast was created
  • Exactly what a Sink Handle is!

Hello and welcome to the first episode of the Sink Handle podcast. This is Kelly Reynolds and I am reporting to you live from the apocalypse. It is the end of April 2020 we are in the grips of the Corona virus pandemic and everyone is freaking out a bit, especially small business owners. So much has happened and in the span of the last month there is a lot of panic right now in the world on top of the normal, everyday “How do I keep a small business going?” panic because as any small business owner out there knows, that is a daily occurrence anyway. So now it's “Should we be selling?” “Should we be giving all of our products away?” “How do I keep my people in employed?” “How do I get the PPP loan?” So everything is just this big craziness right now. I just want everyone to take a breath. It's a lot.
I wanted to start this podcast because I see a lot of people out there panicking and I think that we can do a better job of not panicking and I want to help everyone out there stop freaking out so much. We need to be focused to get through this, to have a better plan and hopefully to get out of this with better businesses.
Let's start with who I am. I am Kelly Reynolds. I own the Reynolds OBM agency. After business school, I spent a decade on Wall Street, most of it at Lehman Brothers. I was there that last day where the whole world was collapsing. So I have some chaos credentials for that. I got out. Four years ago, I started what has become the Reynold's OBM agency. I'm a Certified Director of Operations as well as a Certified Online Business Manager. And what that means is I love the operations and finance side of the business. My clients are all small businesses that need help getting their ops and finances together, making strategy plans and then having that ongoing support to get it all done. And I want to help other businesses stay afloat, hell grow, especially during this time of craziness. And if we have this chain reaction of helping each other grow and thrive, that is how economies are saved.
All of us, keeping working means everything keeps moving. Things keep getting built, the things keep getting sold, people keep getting paychecks. They can feed their families. All of us together keeping this whole engine going because entrepreneurs are the thing that keeps this engine going. I'm not a nurse on the front lines, but I can help this economy and families like mine put food on that table with the skills I've learned on Wall Street and for these years being an entrepreneur. And that is why I'm starting this podcast. I want to help you all out there not panic. Because I know how scary that can be. I don't want this to be a place of panic. So many people are panicking here. We are going to be calm and make good decisions because we know what we need to do. And, I want the Sink Handle podcast to be your refuge from all that craziness out there.
And you may be wondering what a sink handle is. It's a secret language in this house. A handle for all of you non-drinkers out there is a huge bottle of liquor, like a gallon. It's that secret handle that you hide under your sink to drink yourself into a stupor when the whole world is just too much for you. So instead of drinking yourself into a stupor, let me be the replacement for that sink handle of gin. Panic has no place here. We are going to be fine. We can do this. I'll see you next time.


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