_Sink Handle Podcast Ep 30 b

Episode # 30 - Let’s #RallyTheGood and Help Each Other

Today we are going to #rallythegood. We are going to share all the love for other businesses, tell others about the awesome dinner or great haircut we had. We are going to share all those great experiences so that other people can find out about them and help support those businesses. Let’s help each other through the rest of this ridiculous year.

Online reviews are so important.  Now in the age of COVID, they take on a greater significance as more people are relying on them instead of going out to the store or hearing about a business serendipitously at lunch.  As a small business owner you know that trolls have also come out of the woodwork.  Here’s my advice on how you can #RallyTheGood around local businesses:

  1. Pick a time every day
  2. Share great reviews.  Tell everyone about great experiences
  3. Spend your money on small businesses that need our help.

That's it.  Now let's go help some people.