Sink Handle Podcast Ep 33

Episode # 33 - How Do You Spend Your Time?

After recently being asked when I would be taking off for the holidays, and realizing I had almost no downtime planned, I started thinking about how I spend my time. As I started thinking about how the last few months with all the crazy going on have played out, I was reminded that this is not the way I wanted it to go going forward.  How do I want to spend my time?  It’s so so important yet it’s rarely included in our goals when we are planning. So I am going to be intentional about choosing what I spend time doing and making it part of my goals this year.

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Quotes from today: 

  • “I fall into that trap of ‘I can’t take any time off because…’
  • “I’d be on vacation and have to hope that none of my clients had an emergency while I was at the zoo.”
  • “I suck at doing nothing.  It makes me feel like a bum.”
  • “When there’s no time off built into the calendar it all just becomes a big blur.”
  • “Most times when you’re goal setting for the year, you forget to ask yourself how you want to use your time.”
  • “If you say, ’I can’t possibly hand that off to my team,’ that’s just bull.  Don’t be a martyr for your business.”
  • “When clients say, ‘How about we set that up for Monday morning or Friday afternoon?’ I say, ‘Nope.’”