Sink Handle Podcast Ep 35

Episode # 35 - Numbers Are Just Facts

It’s that time of year again! We get to make random money goals that don’t have any connection to our business!  Of course we are not going to track our progress at all to know if we are even close over the year.  Then at the end of the year we will find out that we definitely weren’t close and then will settle into our fate as failures. Avoiding numbers for the whole year because they are scary.   Wait, what?  That doesn’t sound fun?  Of course not and today we are talking about how to break out of doing this on repeat.  Because numbers aren’t scary, they are just facts.

Quotes from today's show:

  • “Lots of people don’t track their numbers all year long. Some don’t know their numbers until the accountant tells what them what they are.”
  • “People tie their self worth into numbers that they don’t even track!”
  • “Numbers are just facts.”
  • “You get to choose how you feel about your numbers. The number 2 didn’t ever do anything to you.”

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