Sink Handle Podcast Ep 36

Episode # 36 - Don’t Make Goals in a Vacuum

If I ask 10 people what their goals are for 2021, I would bet at least 9 of them would mention how much money they want to make.  But how many goals would they have that don’t revolve around revenue?  Making goals in the vacuum of income means we leave out so much of the rest of our life: our family, our health, our sanity.  And that is the good stuff we tell ourselves we are working for.  Today we are looking at all the other goals we should making to have a well rounded and happy life.

Quotes from today:

  • “I love goals. I love goals for the year. I love goals for the quarter.  I love goals for the day.”
  • “If your only goals are for your company’s revenue you’re probably a cranky, overworked person who doesn’t see your kids and has an unhappy spouse. That’s not the point of having goals.”
  • “If you’re hitting your goals and your life is falling apart you’ve missed the point of running your own business.”
  • “You need to have goals around all the parts of your life that aren’t business or you won’t get the right things on your schedule.”
  • “”If you build out goals for all the parts of your life you’ll find that a lot of them are complementary.”

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