Sink Handle Podcast Ep 37

Episode # 37 - The Exceptional Opportunity for Women

The inauguration this week got me thinking about the power and opportunity of women.  On one hand, there is so much opportunity for women  to be smart, make money and still see their families by working online.  On the other hand there are the businesses that get the chance to work with incredible talent in different ways that don’t revolve around hiring a full time employee. The online space opens up a flood of talent that business owners have never had access to before and connects smart, savvy women so they can build success around the life they want.

  • Here are the things we cover:
  • “I’ve always felt a little disconnected from the fight of the women that came before me, but I know I’ve shared some of their struggles.”
  • “I kept asking myself, ‘Why, am I so emotional about this?’ and the answer is that I understand the struggle.”
  • “There are so many more opportunities for women today than there have ever been.”
  • “That traditional job model, has all kinds of problems… harassment, be quiet, mansplaining…”
  • “I would find it hard to believe that you could find a woman in the workforce who hasn’t been harassed.”
  • “I’ve sent billion dollar wires but I couldn’t get a job as a bank teller… not enough experience… wtf?”
  • “I’ve had accountants say things to me that they’d never have said to my husband.”
  • “I hear from people who say, ‘My husband hates that I’m working and just wants me to be a mom.’