Sink Handle Podcast Ep 39

Episode # 39 - Saying No to What's Not Right For You

Someone recently told me that they were working on getting better at saying “no”.  It’s a hugely important thing for business owners to be able to do.

In the last week I had a conversation with a client that woulds have been perfect for me. Right size company, right sector, needed everything that we do here at ReynoldsOBM.  I walked away from the negotiation.  Why?  Because the way he wanted to work, the price he wanted to pay, and the problems he would have created didn’t line up with what I’m doing with my company.  You have to be able to say no and walk away.  

Bonus: a funny Thanksgiving story about how my husband told my grandmother that he didn’t mind if her cat got killed.  (no cats were harmed as part of this story)

Quotes from this week:

  • “If you talk to someone that wants to hire you but they seem like a jerk you should probably say no to the work.”
  • “When only a few people ask you to dance, you tend to try to be whatever they need.”
  • “I used to tell my clients, ‘Whatever you need.’  Not any more.”
  • “If you’re having dinner with a jerk, Mr. Right can’t sit down.  That’s true in business too.”

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