Sink Handle Podcast Ep 41

Episode # 41 - Mission Vision Values Rethink

In my Get Your Act Together Strategy Sessions, we always start with Mission, Vision and Values. I think it’s incredibly important but I sometimes get push back that it’s only for big companies with lofty goals.  But MVV is important for any level of business, even if it’s just you in your pjs working your side hustle.

Quotes from today's episode:

  • "Big plans start with reflecting on Mission, Vision, and Values.”
  • “Mission, vision and values, don’t have to be big lofty statements, they just have to connect to why you have the business and what the business is going to spend energy on.”
  • “If your mission is to pay for pre-school and be home for dinner then being clear on that is going to help you stay on that path when you make decisions for the business.”
  • “If you haven’t thought about the values that the company has, it's going to be tough to find them in the people you could hire.”

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