Sink Handle Podcast Ep 42

Episode # 42- When Selling Feels Yucky

Endless spam-y emails.  Content-less content.  Constant asks for phone time from strangers. Disingenuous connection requests.  These are just a few of the terrible sales tactics I’ve been hit up by in the last month.  Why are so many people working so hard to come off so badly? And as business owners, do we have better options to sell than these yucky tactics? Yes!  Yes we do.

Quotes from this week:

“Why am I getting so many LinkedIn messages from people I don’t know who want to get on a 30-minute call?”

“Why do all these salespeople want me for a 30-minute call?  Can’t anybody get to the point in 20 minutes?”

“I’ve never been in sales.  I’ve never wanted to be a salesperson.”

“You know what works for bringing in business? Putting out information on solutions to actual problems.”

“The less you care about my time the more your sales process sounds like white noise to me.”

“You have to know when to turn away business.  Not only is it the right thing to do but it builds your reputation for the things that you do well.”