Sink Handle Podcast Ep 43

Episode # 43 - Get Your Act Together

When people contact me for help they fill out a form and one of the things I ask is, “What do you need help with?”  A surprising number of them choose “I don’t know.” from the dropdown.  They don’t know what kind of help they need, just that they are overwhelmed and exhausted.  They need a plan. They need strategy.  They need to be able to find things in the chaos. 

Yes, these are the things I help with as a Director of Ops, but not everyone needs that level of service or is ready for it.  So I have created Get Your Act Together as short intensives to get you set up for success in just a day or two.  Today we are breaking down what these new services look like.

Quotes from today's episode:

  • “The majority of people that sign up for a consultation with me have no idea what they need.”
  • “I keep re-learning that so many of the entrepreneurs out there aren't operators.  They can’t get the trains to run on time.”
  • “I don’t think that an exhausted, overworked business owner needs more homework.”