Sink Handle Podcast Ep 45

Episode # 45 - How to Create an SOP

Last week we talked about WHY you need SOPs in your business for growth, sanity and to be able to take a vacation.  This week is all about the how.  We are diving into my exact process of getting the knowledge out of your head, fast and easy.  To get you started, you can a copy of the very SOP template that we use at Reynolds OBM every day in the box below.

Quotes from this week’s episode:

“To understand my clients’ processes I start by asking them to record a task while they do it. That’s the basis for the SOP we’ll make.”

“You can hand off a lot more things than you think.  You just haven’t thought about how to do it.”

“It’s 2021.  You should never have a ‘password sheet’.”

Featured on this show: 

Get Your Act Together with our free SOP Template

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