Sink Handle Podcast Ep 46

Episode # 46 - What is a VIP Day?

VIP Days seem to be everywhere these days and with good reason.  They are a focused and efficient way to get a ton of expert help in just one day.  In case you haven’t heard about them yet, or just aren’t sure what they are all about, we are talking VIP Days today.  What they are, who they are great for and how they can give you a huge transformation in just one day. I loved the idea so much that I created the Get Your Act Together System Intensive to help small businesses get their back end ops in shape.

Hello, everyone, and welcome to Episode 46. So, you may be, you may be hearing of this thing called a VIP day. And like me a little while ago, thinking What the hell is that. And since now, one of my services is a VIP day based around systems with the get. And since now I have a VIP day wrapped around systems, I'm getting a ton of questions about what a VIP day is, how VIP how a VIP day works. And I figured I'd walk you through that today. So what is a VIP day? So what is a VIP day. So the basics are, it's one day, it's either half a day, about three or four hours, or a full day's six or eight hours depending on how it works out. For a big transformation of a specific system, no, a big transformation of a specific thing. So it's gonna be very dialed in very specific, detailed, this is going to be a solution with an expert. This is their jam, this is the thing they're really, really good at. And they're going to walk you through a process to get to this transformation, their clear expectations of what's included, not included clear boundaries of how it's going to work. It is built to be efficient, to get as much value in such a short time as possible. Mine is built in one day, it's about six hours. And you walk through a big systems audit and the beginning of the day. I think we have this all out. Cut out everything about Get your act together, my stuff just ended with the clear boundaries thing.

Now, why would you want to have a VIP day? one solid day of getting things done? Instead of having a longer term engagement with someone maybe a retainer or buying a course from them? Like, why would you want to do that. And we want to get things done quickly. Right? We are so overwhelmed, we have so much going on in our lives that I have to say like right now the idea of me signing up for a six month course or retainer to do anything. To learn how to do something is so not going to happen for me. I don't have time right now to sign up for more knowledge for me to then do more. I am tapped out on that kind of stuff. So having a short term thing that you can learn or get done or do whatever that is just one day to like supercharge. That means no hiring, no onboarding and no training of a team member. They just come in, they do the thing. And they leave. This is specialized help for your business. There's no figuring things out over a long period of time. It is a deep dive on one thing, not all the things one thing. And for businesses, we're looking for business owners who are looking for high quality, but they really value speed and convenience, right? Like we want to get things done. We want them to be right. We want to have that expert come in. We want to get those results the fastest way we can. We want things done right. But you know, quickly. Right? So this is also a really great way to get high level support. When you're starting to get up in business, or even when you're starting out. And you can't really hire that ongoing support, right? You can't hire someone to come in and manage a thing all the time. But you could have someone come in and help you get things set up and going and then you would maybe your virtual assistant could figure it out from there. So there's like filling in that gap as well, for service, being able to afford that high level service with that expert, but then not having to have the high ticket price of the retainer or the ongoing work. Okay, so how would that be structured? Go back. So in the case of the Get your act together package that I offer, there are people that cannot find anything, they don't know where their stuff is, they have no idea where the link for this is, or seems horrible to them, sorry.

So to use the Get your act together systems, in terms of the VIP idea that I have, as an example, so many people come to me and they have no idea where their stuff is, they don't know what's going on. They have no SOP setup, no system setup, nothing like that as a back end of their business. And they come to me and it's an ongoing thing where I go into their business, and create SOPs and dig into their stuff and make it all pretty and organized. That takes time. And a lot of people don't have that kind of time. Or they don't have the money, yet, they're not a big enough business where they can have someone come in and fix all their stuff, or organize them or get processes done. So instead, we come in in a day, we've taken that service that we offer, but we offer it in a very condensed way, with very specific things in there. So at the beginning of the day, now, different people set up different VIPs. Everyone kind of you can structure your VIP day in lots of different ways. You can have calls at the beginning, calls at the end, no calls at all, I guess, but this is how we structured. So in the morning, we would do, let's say 9am, we do a business audit, 90 day call, we go through all the different systems in your business, what's working what's not, and then really dig down and find out what you need, what you don't need, and then get you a little bit more organized, right? Then we get off the call, and you can go about your day.

And then the Reynolds OBM team then goes through all the stuff that we're going to create for you. So the biggest problem is no one knows where their stuff is, they have it, they buy it three times, they don't know where it is, we createdd that get your act together dashboard, which is a place that you can put all of your stuff, your SOPs, your policies, your links to the things, anything you need, they're all in one place, create all of that. And then we can have everything, like a home base for everything. Then from there other kind of customized tracking sheets, things that keep you organized like a master URL sheet, what's the link, every time you have to give your link for Facebook, and you have to like log into your Facebook account, go to your business page and then like copy and paste the link for that. That takes a little bit of time. But when you do it 20 times, it takes a lot of time. So having all of those URLs in one single place that's easily accessible, you can pull up everything, you know, the affiliate link for when someone is asking you for an affiliate like on your software that you want to offer. Or you have software that you're an affiliate on and they want your link and you have to go search for it takes time, you might lose money that way. So these are the kinds of things you would you would want to track there. We can do a team info sheet. So if you have a team, where is all their contact information, how are you paying them? And you're like, why do I need all this, if you want someone to come into your business, and you're getting to the point where you have a team and you'd like someone to help you manage that team, knowing all of the team information, how they get paid is really, really handy. Because if no one knows how to get paid and you are trying to hand it off, you are in the middle again. So all of these systems, all of my all of my day is helping people be able to delegate or save time by getting a little bit more organized every day. Then we have and throughout all of this there will be an overlap. So we could also make like a table of contents for Dr. If you have no idea where your stuff is like that goes the kind of things that we can kind of build into this day. And then one of the big things that I think is a huge help is most people don't know how to create SOPs or processes and get them out of their head. So we teach you, or your VA or whoever, how to video, what your processes. And then we have an SOP template and a how to. You're like, why are you telling me how to do something, because no, take that up. So we're going to give you an SOP template, and then teach you and your team how to create these of things. And then give you a list of the things that you think that you need to build out. Then you don't need me in an ongoing way, you can have your VA, or your admin, help you do the legwork, that time consuming work that you might hire me for four months on end. But now I'm going to teach you how to do it, you're going to be able to go forward, you're going to have a list on your dashboard of all the things that need to be built out, you record that video of whatever you're doing while you're doing it, paying the team or paying bills, and then you hand it off to the new person. So it's really a great way to get really focused so that you can get all this stuff off your plate, or just really dialed in so that if anything happens, you get sick, someone can jump in and everything's documented to know what's going on. And then at the end of the day, we finish up with a wrap up call.

So the beginning of the day would have like that audit, it would be you know, like usually me and the business owner, maybe sensitive stuff in there, you never know, right? We're going through a lot of stuff. The end of the day, we have a wrap up call, it's about an hour. And that is where I show you everything is show you how everything looks pretty and it's organized. And also let your team ask questions. If you have an admin or a VA that you want. On that call as well, I can show them where everything is. And if they have questions they can ask. So that's how we would do it. With our plan. That's how we would do it with our VIP, no other people are going to have a solid big call, like maybe they have two big long calls with a break for lunch. In the days when we actually could see each other people would fly out and we'd have a whole day together. And now with virtual, it's a lot to be on zoom all day. So usually you want to take a little break in between, and then some other people are being and then other ways to do it are getting all of this kind of information from the person from the business owner and then building out the something all day. But without all the calls. It's just a dedicated day for the business. So there's different ways to structure it. Usually it's going to start with a contractor invoice, then you would schedule the call, and you would get pre work and questionnaire sent you many times to get things done in one day, you have to be very, very efficient. So questionnaires gonna probably go out to you that says a whole. So a questionnaire will be sent out, usually. So a questionnaire will usually be sent out to you with specific questions on there. Like if you're, if your VIP day is all around website building, you're going to ask questions about what are your brand colors? What kind of things do you need, what links are, you know, all that kind of thing, then there's going to be pre work on some different ones, they may need you to do some kind of stuff. So they have the correct information so that when you show up on the VIP day, everyone is ready to go. They're not like, Oh, I gotta go find that information. Nope, we are ready to work. This is all about efficiency, and getting a lot done in a short amount of time. And then some people will will either have like deliverables, like they are building something for you. And it may be delivered within the week. Some people will have everything delivered that day, but then offer slack or voxer. For questions. I have, like 30 days of slack access to me for any questions anyone has. Because you know, you're on a call, you're on a thing all day, and then you leave and you're like, Oh, I forgot to ask that question where I don't really understand how to do this. And I want to make sure that everyone gets the most out of this session with me. So So I offer 30 days of slack, you can ask me questions, so you don't have to build that SOP or you're not really sure where that was that or you're not really sure exactly what I said because you were so like you were just overwhelmed because of all the cool stuff we built for you. That way you can come in that way you can ask me questions. afterward. So it's not, you know, you're just left out in the cold after that.

Now, these are intensives. With an expert, this is one day a lot, there's a lot getting done, right? You're shortening the timeframe on everything. So usually the way it's charred. So usually it's a four figure investment. And it's usually a flat rate, it just is, this is the package, this is the rate, this is it, it is a higher investment. But you are condensing a whole bunch of time down. So some people will take a retainer that they would do over a month and be able to get it done in that day, because of the pre-work the questionnaire, and then showing up that day, maybe with their team, right, like my team comes in and helps me build out SOPs, and the templates and the dashboard, and everything else, so much can get done. And that's why it's just, it's all squished together into one fantastic day. So you're paying for that fast turnaround, that crazy amount of efficiency, and also having someone devote their whole day to you. Right, that's really valuable, you get one person's attention for the day, which, you know, I don't know anyone who gets any of that anywhere. Everything is so all over the place these days. So this is for people who are going to pay for speed and efficiency for those expert opinions. Instead of a long term engagement, it also was a one time payment or fee. One time investment, instead of an ongoing thing, a lot of people come and they're like, well, I can't really afford an OBM or do Oh, I can't afford an ongoing Launch Manager, I can't you know, but if you had everything kind of set up for you, you could keep it going.

That's the idea of VIP days to get it really, really dialed in. Now, beyond the get. So beyond the Get your act together, program that I have the systems intensive, where we're going in, we're setting up your dashboard, we're getting your operation systems all set so that you're ready for growth, and you know, everything is on there's tons and tons of ways to do VIP days. And it's getting popular because one, it's so nice to be able to get in and help other people's businesses like I only can take on a few ongoing retainers before I'm tapped out on hours. But here, I can help a ton of different businesses, you know, I can come in, help them and then get out in a day. So helping so many more people within a time that I can actually work. It also was fantastic for business owners who don't need a retainer do in their business. They don't need someone running their business all the time. They just need help with a certain thing. So other examples of be like software setups, dubsado setups are very big deal, it's getting that whole workflow set up so that you can have contracts and workflows automatically set up by someone done, which I think is a fantastic idea for any of these kinds of software setups. Because a lot of times, we don't really want to learn how to do everything, I have such a block uncertainty software. And I try to get it in there. And it takes me forever. And it would be so much easier if someone just came in and helped me set it up in a day.

Lots of great things around branding or rebranding coming in really doing a deep dive on like what you want to do, where do you want to go how you want to change, and then redoing that branding, building a launch strategy. I mean, for people who are trying to figure out how to launch something, a course or a product, there are so many moving parts. So having an expert come in and be able to map out your launch strategy in a day. Even if you don't need that person to be there setting everything up, making the emails do all that stuff. You just want the knowledge of an expert that knows what they're talking about, to come in and help you. Same with a website, being able to build out a cohesive website with someone who has this great knowledge about it. So the idea is to take someone who's really good at this thing, be able to sit down with them for a day and then get really specific, customized information for your own business. It's not like a course where it's the same thing for everybody. This is you and that person sitting down getting this thing done. And I love this idea. I didn't know about it for a long time. And I was like, for the longest time I thought VIP days were you know, flying across the country and staying there for a weekend and I was like how would I ever do with my family and my clients and all that kind of thing, but this idea of being able to have one day, especially now that everything's virtual, it makes it so easy to just get on this call, be able to hash things out, get a deep dive, and then build some stuff out. And then that's it, I can send someone on their way so much more organized. And I get to help more people than I would otherwise, I can't. Like I said, I can't take on all these retainers. I can't be in everyone's business, helping them out all the time. But I can come in and help set up and then let them go with it. So if you so I would love to hear what you guys have to say about all this. If this is something that is interesting to you, or if you think this is the silliest thing ever. I would love to hear what you think about VIP days.

And also, of course, what you think about the Get your act together systems intensive. And I would love to hear from you. So totally reach out on either Facebook or Instagram, I'm at Reynolds OBM. And I would love to hear about it because I'm so fascinated. It's a huge thing that's coming in, I feel like two years ago, I kind of knew what they were and now everyone knows what they are and they're kind of all exploding. So I'm always I'm always interested to see what people think. And if you are interested in finding out how to get your own dashboards and business audit and your whole thing with the Get your act together program, please reach out. We would love and if you are interested in learning more about the Get your act together, systems intensive which is our VIP day here at Reynolds OBM is all about getting your operation systems organized and set up.

Please either reach out on Facebook at Reynolds OBM. Instagram, please reach out on either Facebook or Instagram on Reynolds OBM or our email and we will definitely help you. Oh Florida. So if you are interested in getting a hearing more about the Get your act together. This is terrible. And if you're interested in hearing more about that get your act together. Systems intensive. That's the Reynolds OBM VIP day that we were just talking about. Go to Reynolds slash Get your act together and you will find that there is all the information there, what's included, what's not. And you'll be able to set up a discovery call with me and we'll talk about it and figure out if that's right for you. So I want to hear all about what you guys think about this. It's very interesting to see no. So I would love to hear what you guys have to say and what you're thinking about VIP days. And if you've had if you've bought them, you've been a part of them. If you've sold them, I would love to hear it. So let me know. And I will talk to you guys next week.

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