Sink Handle Podcast Ep 47

Episode #47 - Fear of Letting Go

I had to take a few days off last week because I was sick.  I spent a lot of that time thinking about all the things I haven’t let go of yet in my business and how it was getting me upset to not be working as a result.  A lot of us have this problem; we can’t get sick, or go on vacation, or spend the extra time with the family, because we have a fear of letting go of some part of our businesses.  That’s what we get into on this week’s episode of the Sink Handle Podcast.

Quotes from this week's show:

  • “I’m not good at sitting still.  When I’m forced to it’s a reminder that I’m doing too much.”
  • “I find comfort in checking things off but when it’s the wrong stuff that’s not good no matter how good it feels.”
  • “I need to hire more people that do things better than I do.”
  • “When your business feeds your family there are a lot of reasons to feel scared to let someone else do the work.”
  • “There are so many excuses we use to keep us from letting go of work we should be handing off to our teams.”
  • “My plumber told me he hadn’t taken a day off in three months.  That’s not the kind of business you want to build.”
  • “Tasks have to have an end date.”

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