Sink Handle Podcast Ep 54

Episode # 54 - Undoing the Corporate Bull w/ Viv Guy

Today my guest is Viv Guy and we are talking all about what happens when we leave corporate and what that does to your mindset. What comes with us?  So many “shoulds” (We should work 40 hours a week (or more)???) and habits that don’t serve us here in the entrepreneurial business world. So today we are shaking off the corporate bull and working to create businesses that are right for us and the life we want.

All about Viv:

A born entrepreneur. Setting up her first award winning business from scratch at the age of 22 and growing it to a turnover of £1.5 million a year (yep, she says she was “clueless but determined and relentless!”), Viv has learnt what it is to grow a successful and profitable business from scratch, not once ...three times.

Viv, is a Yorkshire born northern lass, who wanted to be in musical theatre after training in dance and drama but realised that her inability to sing and ability to clear a room when she did was not going to lead to many musical theatre roles.....So decided to start her own alternative education business.

Viv’s continued doggedly determination is now focused towards helping service-based business owners to get consistent clients and build their businesses in a totally feel good, ‘aligned’ way whilst working just 20 hours a week.


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