Sink Handle Podcast Ep 56

Episode # 56 - Ending Relationships

Our businesses don’t exist in a vacuum. We interact with people all the time, we rely on our relationships. And as things change, those relationships change as well. What happens when a client or team member relationship ends? We are talking today about both the mindset and operations side of ending a relationship.

Quotes from today's show:

  • “Our businesses don’t exist in a vacuum.  They rely on people.”
  • “Relationships end.  It’s up to you to make them end professionally.”
  • “People come and go.  If you want ‘change’, people are going to change too.”
  • “Don’t we all want our friends and our colleagues to do well? It means we need to let them go sometimes.”
  • “I’ve had clients I let go and team members I’ve let go… you never talk trash about them after.”

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