How we can help:

Strategy Call with Kelly - $399

Are you stuck in your business?  Could you use a hand in taking an objective look with fresh eyes?  Then a one hour strategy call with Kelly may be what you need.

This is a one hour zoom call with Kelly where you can : 

- work through a problem in your business that has you feeling stuck

- do a systems audit and decide about what you really need

- get a little tough love to get you motivated and on the right path

Strategic Mapping Method ™ - $1499

What are you doing in your business for the next quarter?  How about next month?  Next month?

Let's map that out for you! 

Over two 90 min video calls, we will go deep to:

- create a Mission, Vision, Values for your business, which is what everything else builds from.

- work through the 7 Strategic Objectives to find out what is most important to you right now so you know where to focus.

- choose projects from each of those areas to move your business forward.  Then break those projects into tasks so you know exactly what your next steps are.

The Director of Operations Package

You have a successful business, maybe you have a team.  But there is a lot to do and you need help.

Late nights sending invoices and managing team members is not exactly what you dreamed about when you started your business. You are bursting at the seems and can't get it all done.  You don't want / have time to hold someone's hand while they complete tasks. You need to get things off your plate and get back to designing your business.

What you need here is a manager.

We are going to get your business in shape!  As the virtual director of operations, we will set up systems, automate and delegate recurring tasks, manage the day to day, manage the team, take care of the accounts receivable to get you paid.  We love numbers.  And organizing things.  We are proud of how much we love a pretty spreadsheet.  Let us take care of this so you can go do what you love to do and do best. 

This package is a great fit for  someone with a successful business looking for ongoing Director of Operations services.  It is a monthly retainer package that can be customized to fit your needs.