You Need Systems Reason #3 – Go On Vacation

So today I will give you reason #3 that documenting the systems in your business isn't just nice to have but necessary:

You might want to go on vacation sometime in your life.

So it's summer. Lots of people are taking off weeks at a time to go places. Places with their families and friends. Places with beaches. Places without computers or wi-fi.

But most business owners would never even dream of going on vacation for any length of time away from their business. I mean how on earth would their business function without them there running it?

If the business owner is the only one who knows how things are done, if all the things are in their head, they can't leave. But if they get them out of their head in a video or written down into an SOP or some kind of instructions, then they can show someone else how to do things. Then that someone can be in the office doing the things. Which means the business owner can focus on the important things in life like whether they prefer margaritas or mojitos to drink on the beach. (My vote is mojitos!)

At Reynolds OBM, we document the systems in your business and help strategize ways to make them better. Book a call below to see how we can help your business.

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