You Need Systems Reason #2 – Reduce Errors

Today I am giving you another reason it's necessary to have systems in your business that are documented and organized - error reduction.

When you have a team of 5 and your systems aren't documented, you likely have 5 different ways each situation is being handled. No one knows exactly how something should be handled so they make up their own way. And clients notice.

I was speaking to a friend yesterday where she said she had called customer service for a software issue she was having. Each time she had called she had gotten a different answer so she though she would keep calling until she got the answer she wanted. You may think what's the big deal right? Well she was calling about a full refund of an expensive product. It seems there was no process for handling refund requests so if you got the "nice" customer service rep they would give you a full refund without any question even though others said there was a no refund policy.

When the process or expectations aren't clear, your team will make decisions for you and errors will be made.

Those decisions and errors will cost you money. This is what happens when the CEO didn't want to pay for systems that they think are a "nice to have" and not necessary.

At Reynolds OBM, we document the systems in your business and help strategize ways to make them better. Book a call below to see how we can help your business. 

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