You Need Systems Reason #4 – Stop Reinventing the Wheel

Next up is reason number 4 why documenting the systems in your business isn't just nice to have but necessary!

Stop reinventing the wheel in your business!

Maybe you are thinking that you don't have a team so you don't need systems to write things down. To that I say, you are probably wasting an enormous amount of time everyday in your business reinventing the wheel.

The greatest lie we tell ourselves is that we will remember something.

"I don't need to write it down, I will totally remember!" I never remember, especially if I said I would. I forget the 4 things I am going to get at the grocery store, I forget the link to that website I wanted to check out and I especially forget how to do that thing I do once a month with my bookkeeping. If I didn't have these things written down AND put somewhere I could easily find it, I would have to reinvent the wheel each time to re-remember.

Checking the instructions I have written down for the orders report we do each month, it takes me 2 mins to remember exactly what I have to do and I can copy and paste the formula I need to enter. If I didn't have that written down I would have to figure out how to do it all over again. That is a huge waste of time, especially if you multiple that by 12 months in a year. Now multiple that by all the little things you do where you reinvent the wheel. Huge time suck where you could be at the beach instead (see reason #3).

At Reynolds OBM, we document the systems in your business and help strategize ways to make them better. Book a call below to see how we can help your business.

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